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    Eterpan Siding surface has unique and authentic natural 
    cedar texture and also the excellent performance of fiber 
    reinforced cement board, resistant to fire, moisture, mildew
    and insects, unsurprisingly superior to a wooden product. 
    Its appearance design is granted patent by SIPO.

Dimensions and Tolerances


Technical Properties

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1. Natural cedar texture
Eterpan Siding surface has unique and lifelike natural cedar texture, presenting a feeling of natural forests. 
2. Excellent performance
As a high-performance fiber-reinforced cement board, Eterpan Siding is resistant to fire, moisture, mildew and insects, unsurprisingly superior to a wooden product. It features light weight, high strength, easy installation and durability. 
3. Shape for creativity
Eterpan Siding can be easily processed, cut in various shapes, and various installation methods such as siding and tiling can be used to present rich facade effect; the board with ideal flexibility allows bending and shaping to provide creative freedom for architectural design. 
4. Colors
Eterpan Siding itself has no color, but its surface can present rich color effect after coating. Eterpan Siding surface would show vivid wood texture with the help of coating. 
5. Eco-friendly 
Eterpan Siding is made of natural raw materials, 100% free from asbestos, formaldehyde or other hazardous substances. It is non-radioactive, and granted with “China Environmental Label Product Certification”.

Color and Texture

blob.png                   blob.png

           Pine                                                        Cedar

The standard texture is Pine and Cedar. If you need other textures, please contact us for detailed information.

Illustration of Eterpan Siding



Eterpan Sidings can be applied as cladding for new buildings or can be used as a curtain wall for a renovation project. Eterpan Siding integrated as ventilated cladding systems in combination with thermal insulation, provides the building a high energy efficient facade.


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